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I’m your average 29 year old guy, except for one thing: I am in the middle of a multi-year trip around the world. No, I’m not sponsored by anyone. No, I don’t make money off my website. I just chose to save up a small amount, quit my job, and hit the road. It has been the best decision I have made in my life.

It took a little bit of planning: for a few years, I lived frugally on my median-wage job in the US and set aside savings for travel. I also did extensive research and tested a variety of ways I could travel for little to no money.

People in the tourism industry want to make money off you traveling, and will make it look like you need to have lots of money to get out there and see the world. This is a myth, and if you really want to travel, you can do so without spending a fortune.

I created Wander Simply to inspire people to travel the world, and give people my own personally tested tips to enable them to see the world on pocket change, whether its just a two week break from work or an extended trip like the one I am on. I’ve already done the research work for you and I lay the basics out in the pages on the menu above. If you’re hoping to plan your own trip on a budget and need advice, or have any specific inquiries related to travel after reading through the pages, you can send questions to josh (at) wandersimply (dot) com and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

I have been featured on King 5 News in Seattle as well as in the Everett Herald.

Thanks for visiting!

Disclaimer: This site has not been actively maintained for more than five years; information may be outdated and some links may be broken. Still, I am leaving it up as a resource for those who continue to rely on some of my pages and posts for inspiration!