New Zealand

Silver Fern Frond

The silver fern is prevalent in New Zealand and can grow to heights of 30 feet. Its unfurling frond, shown here, is one of the national symbols of the country.

New Zealand is a nation in the southwest Pacific comprised of two main islands, known as the North and South Islands. It is a member of the British Commonwealth.

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Trip Report – Driving Adelaide to Alice Springs, Australia

On a recent trip to Australia, I had the opportunity to relocate a rental car from Adelaide in the south to Alice Springs, which is in the remote center of the country, otherwise known as “The Outback.” According to the terms of the relocation, I had five days to travel between the cities, which was enough time to stop off at quite a few places along the way, since driving nonstop only takes 16 hours or so.

Australia Road Trip Map

My route through Australia

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