How To Buy Mongolian Train Tickets Online

I recently figured out a method to buy domestic Mongolian train tickets online without going through a travel agency. I am fairly sure that this information is not anywhere else on the internet, so I wanted to share it for the benefit of Wander Simply readers and other travelers. I have tested it for train travel from Zamiin-Ude to Ulaanbaatar and can confirm it works.

Gobi Sunset

Sunset in the Gobi Desert, as seen from my train

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7 Tips For London On a Budget

London can be a fairly pricey city. Fortunately, it can also be seen on a budget if you know what you are doing. After spending last week in London, here are some tips that I can offer.

Simple English Breakfast

A traditional English breakfast does not have to break the bank. You can find one at a local cafe for only five to ten dollars.

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Big News for Wander Simply!

Hi everyone,

I am excited to share a big update with you all today. A few weeks ago, I left my office job of 7 years. Today, I left my home of Seattle and will be traveling the world full time and writing about my adventures on Wander Simply.

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New Low-Cost Flights from Seattle and Denver to Europe!

Norwegian Air will begin to offer low-cost flights from Seattle and Denver to London beginning in mid-September. Beginning today, tickets are available for purchase on its website, The fares start at $199 for tickets from Seattle or Denver to London, and $279 for the return segment, for a total of $478 roundtrip. However, with a little bit of insider knowledge, you can actually cut down the fare a little bit more! I’ll let you know how.

Big Ben At Night

If you’ve ever wanted to see Big Ben, now is the perfect time to book a ticket!

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Which Miles Should I Use? Part 4: American Airlines AAdvantage

This is the fourth post in our series titled, “Which Miles Should I Use?” Here I will go over details of American Airlines’ award program, AAdvantage, as well as the best uses of American Airlines miles and how to earn them with credit card sign up bonuses.

American Airlines

American Airlines miles are easy to accumulate, and can be used to fly all over the world at reasonable rates! The plane pictured here has American Airlines’ old logo before it was changed in 2013.

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Which Miles Should I Use? Part 2: United Airlines MileagePlus

Today I will cover the upsides and downsides to using United Airlines miles to fly for free, and will go over which credit card bonus offers are best for earning United miles.

United Airlines 747

United Airlines has an extensive partner network for redeeming flights, and never charges fuel surcharges on award tickets! Pictured here is one of United’s Boeing 747 planes, which they are planning to retire by the end of the year.

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Which Miles Should I Use? Part 1: Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

One of the most frequent questions I get about flying for free is,

“I’m going to ______, which miles should I use?”

Over the next few weeks, I am going to write posts covering the pros and cons of some of the most commonly used airline award programs so you know which miles will work best for your next trip!

Alaska Airlines Boeing 737

Alaska Airlines is a great airline, and it has an amazing award program!

I’ll go over which airlines you can book with each program (hint: sometimes it is better to use miles from one airline to book an award on a different airline!), the best places to go with each program, any fees associated with redeeming miles, and other quirks that each program might have. I will also list which credit card bonus offers you can sign up for to earn miles in each program and fly for free. This week I am starting with Alaska Airlines, my hometown airline.

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